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GoldCardAuctions.com houses a database of more than 1,000 articles in regards to the best rookie cards for any given superstar in the MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL, Soccer, Golf, and Boxing. These rookie card write-ups are invaluable when making a purchasing decision as they will drastically increase your sports card investment portfolio ROI.

Gold Card Auctions Appraisal Service

We assist individuals in obtaining an estimated value of a sports card.

Please email info@goldcardauctions.com and include a minimum of 2 photos (front and back).

Gold Card Auctions Sports Card Consulting Service

We assist individuals in acquiring high-end, remarkable sports cards with a superior return on investment

The customer provides a price range and what type of card they are looking for we do everything else. Email us at info@goldcarductions.com and entitle the email consulting for more information.

Gold Card Sports Card Auctions

A premier sports card auction house that caters to cards valued at $5,000 or more. All the benefits of a large auction house without the outrageous fees.

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